Ensure the success of every initiative with BlastPoint Personas.

Data-Driven Personas are detailed household or business-level customer segments containing data-backed information that is uniquely aligned with specific business initiatives.

Personas reveal behavioral information, such as spending habits and internet usage, as well as demographic factors like income, employment, marital status, language preference and more. With BlastPoint’s predictive personas, companies are equipped to build strategic campaigns that target the right customers.

Through Personas, BlastPoint offers deeper analysis, helping companies tailor messaging so that it yields more responsive engagement. Companies can then craft targeted advertising and sales messages and disseminate those messages through the appropriate channels.

As a result, companies can focus on the customers most likely to respond to a given initiative, saving time and resources, and ensuring they reach their goals.

How Personas Work

Discover the humans in your data. Learn more about how BlastPoint’s customer personas are customized to your company’s specific initiatives. The sample personas below are just a few short, summary examples of the more thorough, actionable, residential and commercial-based personas we’ve developed for past customers to help them reach their goals. Click on the link to see the front and back!

Personas at Work.

BlastPoint personas help companies understand and reach consumers, launch new initiatives, generate more revenue, and more. Explore our case studies to find out how.

Case Studies