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Grow and Optimize Revenue with BlastPoint

Acquire more customers within your service area and make smarter data-driven site selection decisions for optimal market penetration.

  1. Increase sales by finding and targeting potential customers that fit your ideal profile
  2. Heatmap any number of custom factors to find optimal markets for your brand
  3. Generate comparative reports for any territories easily and in seconds

Better Customer Acquisition for Utilities

Increase customer acquisition with your existing infrastructure for the highest return on any software investment you’ve ever made.

  1. Find opportunities for improved market penetration within your service area
  2. Locate potential customers with high conversion odds
  3. Download contact information and additional data for targeted marketing purposes

Increased Sales and Royalties for Franchises

Find more customers for your franchisees to increase royalties, and use geospatial data-driven insights to select better sites and close more deals.

  1. Improve your franchisee’s sales by helping them reach ideal customers in their territories
  2. Develop better franchises by finding optimal locations for your brand
  3. Stand out from the competition by answering prospective franchisees questions about any territory in real time

What Makes BlastPoint Different


Not just more customers,
the RIGHT customers


Easy to generate and share
within seconds


See where to take
your business next

Studies In Success

What do a Pet Care Franchisor, an Appalachian City, and a Mine Reclamation Project all have in common?

See how BlastPoint delivered them
the knowledge they needed
to reach their goals.


Press & Awards

Blastpoint has become our go-to tool to quickly explore and understand the areas we serve and plan to serve. Both intuitive and sophisticated, it hits that sweet spot that so many other tools miss – the genius is in the ability to answer clear questions about specific places and provide clear unambiguous information. Brilliant!

Jeff Ericson


Our primary goal is to share the story and opportunity of our area, and with BlastPoint we’re able to provide prospects and stakeholders a clearer picture of what that looks like – all backed with easily consumable data collected from BlastPoint.

Cody Schuler

Charleston Area Alliance

BlastPoint changed the way I was able to talk about the needs of my area. I was able to prove my case in a few clicks, and can easily repeat the process each time we consider a new location for our project.

Jocelyn Sheppard

Red House Consulting