The Dog Stop

1) Close more franchise deals
2) Find optimal markets for expansion
3) Increase franchisee client acquisition

About The Dog Stop
The Dog Stop opened its doors in 2009 after owners Jesse Coslov and Chris Kane spent several years researching the pet care industry. Their goal was to create a fun and safe environment where dogs would love to come and play, and pet owners would feel 100% confident in the superior care that their dogs were receiving.

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any question
in real time
Combine factors into
dynamic customer profiles for marketing
Generate leads
in any territory
for targeted marketing

The Process

Using BlastPoint’s territory creation tools we can define any custom service area. Here is a drivetime zone covering a 15-minutes car drive. BlastPoint’s proprietary Geographic Aggregation algorithms enable us to query data for territories of any shape, even if they do not follow conventional administrative boundaries, such as zip codes.

BlastPoint’s proprietary scoring algorithms allow us to combine any number of factors into a data profile and find areas in new markets that match it. In The Dog Stop’s case, we can pinpoint areas with high concentrations of their ideal customer (typically college-educated women in the age range of 25-45 who spend a significant amount of money on pet services). Together, BlastPoint’s scoring and reporting capabilities allow us to quantify the number of franchises a metro area will support.

Using BlastPoint’s reporting feature we can pull up comparative data for any number of territories and answer prospective buyers’ questions in real time, rather than in days. In this way, standing out from the competition helps close more sales.

We can use BlastPoint’s geospatial lead generation technology to get residential and commercial leads of potential customers within our service area, and target marketing to areas with high concentrations of ideal customers.