BlastPoint has the honor of hearing from industry experts on the ways data is transforming businesses big and small. We invite you to learn from their wisdom.

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How Will Data Shape the Future of Energy? A Webinar with William Sapon of Peoples Natural Gas

On Sept. 26, 2019, we talked with William Sapon, Clean Energy & Transportation Advisor at Peoples Natural Gas, about the role data plays in the future of energy. Visit to read more about William and the Peoples NGV fleet. To find out more about AV charging locations, read our blog post about charging deserts.

I think it is a myth that we don’t have enough infrastructure to support alternative fuel vehicles…But there’s definitely more that we can do.

William Sapon

Territory Allocation for Optimal Results and Performance: A Webinar with Dr. Ben Litalien

On May 23, 2019, Dr. Ben Litalien, a well-known franchise consultant, shared his perspective on geospatial data and territory allocation. To read more about Ben, check out To read more advice about how to maximize data for your franchise, visit our blog.

When you think about territory allocation, keep in mind there’s no one size fits all.

Dr. Ben Litalien

How the Franchise Industry Is Responding to America’s Changing Demographics: A Webinar with Chris Cynkar

On March 27, 2019, Franchise Consultant Chris Cynkar talked with us about changing customer demographics and the franchise industry. To find out more about Chris, visit Read our recap of this webinar here.

As we dig deeper, we realize that there’s more than 100 billion dollars in the franchising world that comes simply from business services.

Chris Cynkar

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