Good Guys. Same-Day Delivery.
PICKUP is an Instant Delivery service featuring Good Guy drivers and their trucks. It operates in 38 cities across the U.S., employing military veterans and off-duty first responders as reliable Good Guys. PICKUP’s smart logistics platform enables national home goods retailers and residential consumers to schedule on-demand, same-day delivery of big and heavy items.

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Minimizing Travel Costs & Recouping Precious Time

PICKUP spread to more than 20 locations across the U.S by mid-2018. But travel bills—and critical time spent away from the office—limited the company’s revenue-generating potential. Brenda Stoner, CEO, and Mike Reynolds, COO, spent several days in each new market conducting reconnaissance to determine which site would support their initiatives. The trips cost, on average, $1,000 each, in airfare, meal, car rental and hotel accommodations.

On-site location analysis remained the sole method PICKUP relied on to identify key factors to drive business. They had no other way to determine data like local drive time to partner retail stores or the presence of potential qualified employees in the area without physically going there. When analysis was complete, they’d manually generate a report ahead of official launch.

While their process worked, they needed to cut back on travel expenses and earn back all the time spent out of the office or they couldn’t afford to grow. Steve Lopez, PICKUP’s Director of Market Expansion & Field Operations, was onsite in Seattle when he and his team were introduced to BlastPoint with a remote demo.

“We were blown away by what BlastPoint could do by itself and how it could simplify things, to have one localized resource that we were able to tap into for the information that we were looking for,” says Lopez. “We said, ‘This might help us to not have to spend money on actually going to these markets.’”



Aggregated Data & Comparative Reports, Generated In-House

Before using BlastPoint, PICKUP spent a lot of time gathering a mish-mash of data from multiple websites ahead of a site analysis trip. Now, BlastPoint’s proprietary algorithm aggregates data from numerous sources in just a few clicks. Its scoring and heat map features help PICKUP understand which markets to prioritize, and where, within a market, their customers, partners or qualified potential employees are.

BlastPoint’s reporting feature generates instant, curated data reports about target markets in real time as information continuously shifts so that PICKUP can compare and contrast possible growth in one area versus another. Quick reporting gives PICKUP current insights to help them choose an optimum location without having to conduct on-site reconnaissance.


19 out of 20 Site Reconnaissance Trips per Year Eliminated

It’s been a treat to come across a tool that can do so many things that we would otherwise have to spend a lot of time researching and accessing all types of resources. [BlastPoint] has been super simple. In terms of actually getting the thing going, it was quick and painless. In the past we used multiple tools to accomplish what we’re doing now just with one. Last year we launched 20 markets. Conservatively, we were spending $800 to $1,000 on each trip. That adds up. Those 20 trips are now almost eliminated. New York is the only market we’re going to travel to in 2019. The remainder of all the locations that we will launch this year, as of right now, there’s not another market that we’ll have to travel to.

Steve Lopez

PICKUP Director of Market Expansion & Field Operations , PICKUP